Biology guiding radiotherapy
RefleXion Medical is developing the first biologically guided radiation therapy system for treating solid tumors throughout the body.

By uniquely leveraging Positron Emission Tomography (PET), RefleXion's patented technology uses signals that are continuously emitted from the tumor itself to guide the treatment beam.

A new paradigm
RefleXion’s revolutionary approach has the potential to enable significant new improvements in radiation therapy:
Enable precise stereotactic treatments without using invasive fiducial implanted markers or other indirect methods. The tumor is the fiducial.

A patient's specific tumor biology will guide treatment. In addition to metabolic activity, PET tracers can probe areas of hypoxia, proliferation, or other functional/biological characteristics of a tumor.

With direct biological targeting, treatment is simplified so that even cases with multiple targets exhibiting significant motion can be handled easily and systematically.

The RefleXion system has not been cleared by the FDA for commercial use.
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